Ep. 311 ESG: Opportunities and Challenges for the Board of Directors

A report from New York University analyzed the credentials of 1188 Fortune 100 board directors and found that 29% of directors had relevant ESG credentials in 2018. Has this changed in the post-pandemic era?

Papers, articles, and books conclude that we live in a very ambiguous, volatile, and complex world. More CEOs, board members, and leaders must move beyond focusing solely on shareholders.

Since we live in ESG times where the stakeholders matter, CEOs and board members need to develop ESG skills. Also, the boards must listen more from professionals from different fields, such as biology, water, biodiversity, etc.

In this episode, I talk with Helle Bank Jorgensen, author of Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards.

Her book, which I recommend, this book shows us that for long-term and excellent sustainability strategy, boards of directors must have the insights to see the right approach to complex issues like climate change, ESG, corruption, cybersecurity, human trafficking, supply-chain resilience, and even geopolitics.

We discuss challenges and opportunities for the board of directors because climate change -and ESG- are in high demand by investors and other stakeholders.

Helle Bank Jorgensen is also the founder of the Competent Boards’ original and premier creator of online environment, social governance (ESG), and climate education programs for board directors and executives.

Contact Helle Bank Jorgensen on LinkedIn.

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