Ep. 323 Palm Oil Unveiled: Biodiversity, Corporations, and Sustainability

Palm oil is used in almost everything in our homes, such as frying oil, margarine, butter, cookies, snacks, ice cream, and soap.

According to PWC, the palm oil industry is a strategic product contributing to economic and social growth.

PWC’s article adds that the palm oil industry in Indonesia is a strategic commodity that makes a major contribution to society’s economic and social growth.

However, companies have a lot of work to do in their relationship with biodiversity and palm oil, as clearing land for plantations is a significant driver of deforestation.

My guest is Michelle Desilets. Michelle is the executive director of the Orangutan Land Trust, which aims to find sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild and raise consumer awareness to demand sustainable palm oil. We talked about biodiversity, corporations, sustainability, and palm oil.