Ep. 294 Enabling Sustainable Travel Choices

Across all tourism sectors, companies face increasing pressure to adopt more socially sustainable practices and focus on long-term change. We know that travel and tourism is an industry with many challenges in terms of sustainability and ESG metrics.

In terms of ESG, several stakeholders and potential ones now require transparency.

Josephine Pipits is the Founder of TripDoodler. TripDoodler is building what will become the world’s largest searchable database of better travel choices. The goal of TripDoodler is to make the sustainable travel choice the easiest option.

In this episode, we will discuss with her how travelers can be a part of finding solutions that lead to more sustainable choices in tourism.

  • How sustainable tourism can benefit both travelers and locals alike
  • How can we all be part of finding solutions that lead to more sustainable choices and that
  • Sustainability in tourism, of course, goes beyond our carbon footprint and also holds socio-cultural and local economic factors
  • ESG and tourism.

TripDoodler has put together a set of objective sustainable practices for you to look for and mark what you see in the places you are in or have visited. This way, you give your rating of how you perceive sustainability, which is super valuable information for the next traveler and the establishments.

Contact Josephine Piplits on LinkedIn and visit www.tripdoodler.com

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