Ep. 295 Removing Carbon Emissions From Business Travel

Perhaps one of the most significant contributors to emissions is business travel.

According to the World Economic Forum, employee travel is one of the world’s most significant contributors to carbon emissions; here are a few reasons.

  • The prevalence of business travel by air and car, especially in countries where rail travel isn’t an option.
  • The CO2 footprint of first-class seats (about four times as much as an economy).
  • The number of flights employees take compared to your average vacationer.

It may be impossible to eliminate the emissions that harm the planet. However, we can work to reduce them and mitigate their impact, especially in travel companies.

We all know technology is a great tool to help us on this journey to be NetZero by 2030, and one of them is Goodwings.

Goodwings aims to help clients turn their business travel Net Zero. Focused on carbon removal to verifiably absorb as much CO2 as your travel emits, also they will calculate your travel emissions, show you how to reduce them, and help you with climate reports.

In this episode, we discuss this topic with Christian Møller-Holst, CEO and Founder of Goodwings.

  • How it differs from the classic booking portals?
  • How does Goodwings remove emissions from our trips?
  • Why do companies only use ads as a tool?

Contact Christian Møller-Holst on LinkedIn and visit www.goodwings.com