Ep. 299 The Pie-Growing Mentality

Alex Edmans is a Professor of Finance at London Business School. He is the author of the book «Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit» featured in the Financial Times Best Business Books of 2020.

In this episode, I talk to Professor Edmans about interesting concepts from his book. 

Also, we highlighted some exciting points from his paper «The End of ESG.» 

Some of the topics featured in this conversation:

  • The Pie-Growing Mentality.
  • Pieconomics.
  • The End of ESG: «The biggest driver of this ascent is the recognition that ESG factors are critical to a company’s long-term value.»  Are companies and organizations aware that everything related to these metrics or factors must be long-term?
  • Why have ESG metrics and metrics become so challenging for companies and organizations?
  • Trends around ESG?

Contact Alex Edmans at the following links:

LinkedIn: Alex Edmans

Personal Web Page: alexedmans.com

Twitter: @aedmans

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