Ep. 272 A Perspective of ESG Metrics in Business

I think everything related to ESG metrics is fascinating in the business world. Every day, we see, heard, and read about the effects of climate change, different situations caused by COVID-19, supply chain crisis, social movements, all vaccination processes in the world, new ways to work, new urban design, etc. and how some organizations have very clear goals with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns.

Organizations are tackling ESG metrics – Environment, Social, and Governance – reporting, investing, analyzing and, the most important and challenging: implementing them.

I want to add that according to McKinsey’s article Five ways that ESG creates value, investing in the metrics has experienced a meteoric rise—global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion.

To discuss the perspective of ESG metrics in business and its impact, today we have as a guest to Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. 

Ioannis Ioannou focuses his research on ESG on understanding how the modern business organization contributes to building a sustainable future. In this episode, he shares with us the concept of these metrics, the role of policymakers, why there is a boom in ESG learning and skills development today.

You can reach Ioannis Ioannou on the following links:

LinkedIn: Ioannis Ioannou

Twitter: @iioannoulbs

Web: www.ioannou.us