Ep. 296 Modern Slavery in Business: What You Need to Know and How You Can Help

Modern slavery is real and can affect any business sector, or industry, so we must be vigilant.

There are many fields where modern slavery could occur, such as supply chain/logistics, construction, agriculture, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and also the restaurant industry.

According to MSCI, 87.3% of the 238 active controversies cases were identified as related to modern slavery and linked to companies operating in developed countries as of Jan. 19, 2021. Most modern slavery-related controversies are linked to U.S. or E.U. companies.

In this episode, our guest is Andrew Wallis from Bristol, UK. Andrew is the founder and CEO of Unseen U.K.

Unseen U.K. is a non-profit organization that provides assistance and training to individuals and businesses to mitigate the risk of modern slavery, which is also present in companies and organizations daily.

With our guest, we discussed the following topics :

  • Definition of the term modern slavery in business
  • How can the goals and values of ESG help to reduce or eradicate modern slavery
  • The primary role and purpose of Unseen U.K.

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