Ep. 278 Investing in Africa

To invest in Africa, you have to know the continent well, innovation processes, opportunities, markets, and, most importantly, the entrepreneurs.

According to Disrupt Africa more than 300 African tech startups have raised more than US$1.1 billion combined so far in 2021, the first time the sector has broken the US$1 billion mark – and with four-and-a-half months of the year still to come.

Africa is a diverse market with unique challenges and unique opportunities. The application of technology offers promising prospects for significant advances and accelerated growth.

McKinsey shares a survey Rethinking the African Business Opportunity and the optimism about Africa’s long-term prospects is widespread and decisive across regions. Two-thirds of all respondents predict that Africa’s combined GDP will be among the fastest-growing in the world over the next 20 years.

Today our guest is Meredith Ogilvie-Thompsom, Venture Partner at Constant Ventures.

Constant Ventures is an impact-focused venture capital fund investing in startups in Africa. Constant Ventures invest in, incubate, and accelerates early and mid-stage innovative companies that provide products and services capable of driving scalable wealth creation in Africa.

In this episode we discuss :

  1. What makes Africa stand out as a hotspot for entrepreneurship, innovation, and VC
  2. What fields/sectors have more opportunities in Africa
  3. Raising money for African female entrepreneurs

For more information contact Meredith Ogivilvie-Thompson at the following links:

LinkedIn: Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson

Website: Constant Ventures