Ep. 277 Workplace Burnout

Surely among your network of contacts, work colleagues, family members, you have already heard the phrase: «I am exhausted,» «I am stressed.»

We know that part of this situation was caused by COVID 19, which changed how we work. Some people work from home with limitations due to spaces, uncomfortable desks and chairs, internet signal drop, meetings in Zoom, Slack, or simply scrolling our cellphones.

So, burnout is real in the workplace, which means work from home in many cases and is affecting employees’ productivity.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People, «We often think of burnout as an individual problem, solvable with simple-fix techniques like «learning to say no,» more yoga, better breathing, practicing resilience. Yet, evidence is mounting that unique band-aid solutions are not enough to combat an epic and rapidly evolving workplace phenomenon. They might be harming, not helping the battle. With «burnout» now officially recognized by the World Health Organization, the responsibility for managing it has shifted away from employees and toward employers. Burnout is preventable. It requires good organizational hygiene, better data, asking more timely and relevant questions, smarter budgeting (more micro-budgeting), and ensuring that wellness offerings are included as part of your well-being strategy.»

Dr. Annika Sörensen is a medical doctor with over 30 years of experience and a stress specialist from Sweden. Her mission is to prevent stress-related illnesses. With her unique medical perspective, she has helped thousands of patients healthily manage stress. 

Dr. Sörensen is our guest in this episode, and she shares her insights about burnout and stress at the workplace and some techniques that can help us deal with this.

Burnout is affecting the well-being of employees.

Contact Dr. Annika Sörensen at www.askdrannika.com