Ep. 275 ESG Opportunities: Innovation and Value Creation

Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Global Chairman, Robert E. Moritz, mentioned in a recent interview about ESG :

«There is a reality that the world is going to be demanding information on the role you play in society at large and may come in many forms like investors, employees, business partners, and that reality is now.»

This phrase was the trigger for understanding more the real goals are and the most important that every company, regardless of their size, has to implement their strategies and have to be aligned to the Paris Agreement.

One of these companies is Suzano, a Brazilian pulp, and paper company worldwide. Suzano is leading best practices on sustainability and ESG, which are part of the company’s essence.

The company just released the annual report where the main goal is to establish a continuous and transparent relationship with stakeholders, investing in communication and engagement channels for each of these audiences. Also, the role of focus in sustainability and value creation is the key in its business model.

Today my guest is Marcela Porto, Head of Corporate Communications at Suzano; We discuss the importance of creating value, «innovabilty» (innovation+sustainability), and the role of leaders in the corporate world through the lenses of ESG metrics.

My co-host for the episode is Adriana Machado, Founder of Briyah Institute. Briyah Institute is a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) established in Florida with a global outreach.

Driven by a systemic approach, Briyah Institute explores interconnections and offers tangible contributions in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, sustainable development, resilience, and the impact economy.