Ep. 268 The Challenges Female Startup Founders Face

Women who have to start as entrepreneurs or start a startup in any industry – especially those of color – have difficulties obtaining funds from investors. Why do men have more opportunities to progress in their ideas as an entrepreneur and women not?

What are the major challenges women face in business, the main and the first one is funding. Not all business people are fortunate enough to have an investor or financier for their business. Some have to bootstrap their entrepreneurial ventures,  rely on credit cards, or raise capital independently. Women’s businesses are among the leading ventures that lack financial support. It is also common for women to be denied loans because of gender and cultural biases—many institutions tend to fund male-owned businesses. ( Source Forbes ) 8 Major Challenges Women Face In Business.

Susanne Althoff is a journalist and an assistant professor at Emerson College in Boston, where she teaches publishing entrepreneurship and women’s media and the author of the book Launching While Female, where she investigated the obstacles women and nonbinary entrepreneurs—especially those of color—face when launching, funding, and growing their companies, obstacles that persist because the current start-up world was engineered by and for white men.

Althoff paints a picture of an entrepreneurial system rife with bias and discrimination, where women receive less than 3 percent of this country’s venture capital, struggle to find mentors in the wake of #MeToo, and are dismissed as “mompreneurs.”

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