Ep. 244 The psychological impact of COVID-19. A conversation with Natascha Thomson

Natasha Thomson, my good friend, and colleague reinvented her career, after many years in marketing, she decided to study to become a family therapist.

With the outbreak of the pandemic caused by COVID 19, she observes that different behaviors are taking place, positive and negative, in families, employees, and entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk informally about what we both think about what we are facing as individuals and as groups. The psychological impact in our lives.

We also discussed the opportunities and challenges we have during this pandemic, work in our resilience, and the «new normal».

In conclusion, as we know, many people are having a terrible times, if it is not your situation, be grateful.

Likewise, it is essential that you also take time for yourself and take a break in your daily work and, as a person, as an employee, as an entrepreneur to redesign yourself what is the next step to follow in how to face this pandemic.

Natascha Thomson is an AMFT: Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, #117433. Supervised by Leslie Baker, LMFT #28252.

Contact with Natascha Thomson via her LinkedIn Profile.

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