Ep. 235 Dr. Ami Bhatt: The Power of Telemedicine

According to Forbes, 8 Predictions will disrupt healthcare in 2020 and will define the next 12 to 18 months for this industry.

Telehealth will gain mainstream adoption in the overall mix of healthcare services and will expand beyond the current focus on chronic conditions.

Forbes projects that by the end of 2020, progressive health systems will start to view telehealth as a standard of care option for primary care virtual consultation

I visited Massachusetts General Hospital to speak with Dr. Ami Bhatt.  

Dr. Bhatt is a cardiologist, researcher, and educator and also the Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at MGH.

I met Dr. Bhatt in 2019 at the event organized by Business Innovation Factory, BIF2019 in Rhode Island.

She is an active advocate of telemedicine, constantly working to build and test mobile health and telemedicine platforms to bring the «virtual cardiologist visit» to people in the community, make them their life easier and improve their quality of life.

In this episode, we talked about the challenges, approaches, and benefits of telemedicine in the patients.

I am not a doctor but I would like to add that with this scenario where coronavirus is affecting the entire world telemedicine plays an important role to take care of patients with different kinds of illnesses.

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