Ep. 306 Philip Morris International’s Ambitions on Biodiversity and Water

The tobacco industry depends on its operations mainly on nature. Water stewardship and focusing on biodiversity are essential points for the sustainable strategies of this industry.

Philip Morris International is a globally recognized company focusing on reducing its carbon footprint, executing sustainable strategies, and nature-based solutions to deal with the havoc caused by climate change.

The company manages the environmental impacts of its business operations through two main strategies: Tackling Climate Change and Preserving Nature

In this episode, we discussed with Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Philip Morris International, an interesting report published on December 2022: Towards A Net Positive Impact On Nature Pmi’s Ambition On Biodiversity And Water.

Our guest emphasized: «We would be allocated a lot to how we operate to ensure operational efficiency and good use of resources. How is it that we run the business? But then another part, which is perhaps where the competitive advantage of our business comes from, is understanding sustainability as an opportunity for innovation».

Some points we discussed with our guest:

  • Tackling Climate Change and Preserving Nature in Philip Morris International
  • The sustainability materiality and ESG assessment 
  • Social and environmental impacts 
  • PMI’s biodiversity and water ambitions. How to achieve these critical ambitions?

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