Ep. 284 Opinion. The McKinsey Report: Women in the Workplace

In 2021 McKinsey launched an exciting report, Women in the Workplace 2021, this report is the most extensive study on the state of women in the corporate world in the United States.

The company collected information from 423 participating organizations employing 12 million people, surveyed more than 65,000 employees, and conducted interviews with women of different identities, including women of color, LGB women, and women with disabilities.

Today with my guests, I will discuss some outcomes of this exciting report that I highly recommend reading.

Susanne Althoff is the author of the book LAUNCHING WHILE FEMALE: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back.

Based on more than 100 interviews with women and nonbinary entrepreneurs across the United States, the book exposes entrepreneurship’s gender gap. It proposes ways to make the entrepreneurial space more inclusive.

She’s also an associate professor at Emerson College in Boston, where she teaches publishing entrepreneurship and innovation and is an adviser to student startups.  

Shannyn A. Smith, MBA, is the Founder of The Capital Boutique, where she connects female founders in STEMM with female funders to increase access to capital.

She is also an Innovator in Residence at the MIT Innovation Initiative, where she explores how the leadership composition of institutional investors influences the leadership composition of venture capital funds.

Shannyn is a tribal member of the Shinnecock Nation on Long Island, New York, and resides in Boston.

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Susanne Althoff 

Shannyn A. Smith, MBA.