Ep.147. Inspired By An Astronaut: A Conversation With Cady Coleman

How one astronaut can inspire me or can inspire you?

It’s very inspirational when you are listening to people share the different experiences that they have in life. Cady Coleman inspire me when she share her experience as an astronaut in space.

She was a speaker at TEDx Beacon Street at JFK Library in Boston where she delighted and inspired attendees.  She was kind enough to talk with us afterward for an interview.

It was an honor both professionally and personally to have Cady Coleman, as a guest for this episode.

Catherine Grace «Cady» Coleman, is an American chemist, a former United State Air Force officer, and a former NASA astronaut.

She is a veteran of two space shuttle missions, departing the International Space Station on May 23, 2011 as a crew member of Expedition 27 after logging 159 days in space.

She is passionate about sharing her experiences in leadership in her field. She resides with her husband, glass artist Josh Simpson and son Jamey in Shelburne, Massachusetts.

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Twitter as @Astro_Cady

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