Ep. 142. A Story Behind The Drones : Casey Nava Founder Of Navadise Media

It’s amazing how a millennial like Casey Nava ( 23 ) recovered from a serious accident that almost cost him his life when he was 17.

He learned from this experience how important life is, how valuable it is but he never give up, Casey Nava was a speaker in TEDx Beacon Street and his talk was very inspiring.

Now Casey is an entrepreneur and founder of a successful company that creates digital content using drones.

He’s the founder of Navadise Media is a digital media marketing company whose mission is to create a new perspective in digital media and change the way companies market themselves in a constantly evolving global economy. They provide video marketing that tell the story of businesses like never before and this creates an incredible relationship between company to customers.

Casey’s team has had some incredible clients including Boston Red Sox, Julian Edelman, Ocean Properties Ltd., Boston Globe, Insurcomm, CNBC Travel, Tuckerman Aviation, and Inspire More and has worked on some incredible projects.

Casey currently live in Maine, US.

You can reach Casey Nava in the following links :

Web: www.navadisemedia.com

Instagram: @CaseNav

Facebook Page: facebook.com/navadisemedia