Ep. 318 Sustainability and Consumers: Does Our Sustainable Behavior Change According to Our Pocketbook?

I read an interesting article published by Deloitte titled «Economic Uncertainty Puts Pressure on Sustainable Behavior Change.» I thought that discussing this article with some of my colleagues would be a great opportunity.

In this episode, my guests are from Denmark. Josephine Piplits is the founder and CEO of TripDoodler. Tripodoodler is a company with one purpose: to make it easier for travelers to make more sustainable choices through sustainability information for their travel choices.

My other guest is Douglas Marett, director of GH Sustainability, a company that provides organizations worldwide with innovative results in sustainable solutions, climate change, energy, and the environment.

For this episode, we will analyze parts of the Deloitte article and provide our perspective on consumer behavior and interest, as well as how the economic aspect could be a factor in changing behavior toward the consumption of sustainable products.

As a co-host, I have Giorgos Papagianakis from Athens, Greece. Giorgos is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Peloponnese in Greece. He is interested in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation and studies why and how organizations incorporate socio-environmental perspectives into their decisions and strategies.

As a previous note, this episode’s participants, including myself, have no business relationship with Deloitte, and our opinions are based on our article analysis.