Ep. 301 Energy: Lessons From Past Crises

Jindan Gong is a Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute headquarters – she is part of the Energy and Industry Transitions team, Division of Global Agendas, Climate, and Systems.

Jindan conducts interdisciplinary research on the transition to a fossil-free transport sector, fossil-free steel, and off-grid energy and water solutions.

In this episode, Jindan shared what we can learn from past energy crises, the importance of policies, the role of politicians, clean energy transitions, and how critical is the green stimulus, based on an article she recently published entitled: Tackling the energy crisis: six lessons from past crises.

We discussed some interesting points :

  • Why can this major crisis create a policy window for accelerating clean energy transitions?
  • The role of governments
  • What have we learned from previous crises, and how this presents a decarbonization opportunity today?
  • Does the energy market crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put the Netzero goals for the entire continent on hold?

“There’s a strong opportunity here to make energy infrastructure decisions that can both increase energy security and hopefully also achieve the EU climate goals,» She says

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