Ep. 289 Challenges in Climate Change, ESG, and the Food System

I am very interested in management in corporations and how they adapt to the new changes and challenges that humanity faces every day, and proof of this was COVID.

But not only is this faced daily, but they also face issues such as ESG metrics, sustainability, supply chain, and perhaps the most challenging, climate change.

I am always looking to improve my professional skills and learn more about the ESG metrics, sustainability, and climate change.

In 2021, I enrolled in the Climate Change Leadership course at Cornell University, taught by Professor Mike Hoffmann and Danielle Eiseman.

It was an exciting course because it allowed me to understand confusing concepts about global warming is the same as climate change, how much damage, how the indiscriminate loss of food does, and how crop fields are affected by the weather.

Also, our diet plays a crucial significant role in how we as individuals generate our carbon footprint; I learned about these topics during the course.

Today in this episode, I have my professor Mike Hoffmann as a guest.

Mike Hoffmann is Professor Emeritus at Cornell University with vast experience and leadership in climate change. He is also co-author of the book Our Changing Menu, and the book unpacks the increasingly complex relationships between food and climate change. 

Whether you’re a chef, baker, distiller, restaurateur, or someone who enjoys a good pizza or drink, it’s time to deal with how climate change affects our diverse and interwoven food system.

Our Changing Menu is a celebration of food and a call to action―encouraging readers to join with others from the common ground of food to help tackle the greatest challenge of our time.

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

  1. Are the organizations interested in understanding the impacts of climate change and working towards solutions?
  2. Why is it essential to incorporate the climate change terminology in daily dialog, culture, planning, etc.?
  3. Water is no longer a topic only for water experts, and why companies must understand the value of this resource in their operations.
  4. Food supply and agriculture business. What are the main challenges they are facing?
  5. Climate change is impairing the entire food system, and what inspired him to co-write the book “Our Changing Menu.”

If you have interested in taking the course Climate Change Leadership, visit the following link. I highly recommend it.

If you want to get the book Our Changing Menu, you can order it on Amazon

You can reach Mike Hoffmann through his LinkedIn profile.