Ep.94 : Understanding The IoT With Sudha Jamthe

Sudha Jamthe, is a technology futurist in Silicon Valley,  author of  books about IoT Internet of Things, such as IoT Business Primer Book and IoT Disruption 2020 and The Internet of Things – Inovations and Jobs.

Sudha, is a thought leader in IoT space, she helps companies to adopt IoT and build ecosystems for digital business transformations, she also is IoT Instructor at Stanford Continues Studies.

In 10 Years Everything Will Be Different With The IoT ~ Sudha Jamthe

IoT ~ Internet of Things

In this episode you will understand :

  1. What’s IoT ?
  2. How works IoT
  3. If people understand IoT
  4. Benefits of IoT for Brands


You can contact with Sudha Jamthe through of following links :

Web :

YouTube : The IoT Show

Twitter : @sujamthe

Sources :

The IoT Is Here….Right Now ! ( Webinar Recap )

How to Create Value with #IoT

Images : Sudha Jamthe LinkedIn Profile / Pixabay